The Phantom Pain (PS3/X360) Purported as supernatural thriller...

The Phantom Pain (PS3/X360)

Purported as supernatural thriller being developed by the unknown Moby Dick Studio, The Phantom Pain just may be the oddest, most evasive piece of marketing ever created for a video game.  How’s that, you ask?  Well, a bevy of evidence being gathered by fans and sleuths alike point to the game being none other than Metal Gear Solid V (!).

Honestly, there’s way too much imagery in the premiere trailer that just screams Metal Gear.  The amnesiac amputee featured throughout is practically a dead ringer for the Big Boss design introduced in the recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes (right down to the scar).  Pair that with the fact that Moby Dick Studio and their website appear to be a hoax.

So what in the name of Fox is Kojima up to?  Is this Ground Zeroes in disguise or is MGSV in the cards?  Hard to tell what with Konami denying a connection and Hideo happily feeding off of our confusion, but it is important to note that Ground Zeroes is intended as a precursor to part V.  Perhaps both are being developed in conjunction and, given that MGSV is certainly a while out, we’re merely being introduced to the game’s core concepts in a bizarre, yet very Kojima-like fashion.

Hey, I totally get it.  Hyping up a 25 year-old franchise can get boring.  Fucking with fans, though?  Always enjoyable.

Check out The Phantom Pain trailer hereabouts.

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