The Red Herb Roundup: Roundup Unknown


I’ve resurfaced from ceaselessly playing Resident Evil 6 with all limbs and most bodily functions intact if a little scarred, so I thought I’d bring you humble folks another award winning dose of the Roundup (and, yes, giving yourself awards is almost as sad as coining your own nickname – same ballpark, really).

Last week in games we laughed, we cried, and we bore witness to the internet leaking the shit out of Halo.  Just another week in this wonderful industry.  Welcome back to the Roundup.

Last Week’s News

  • Darkstalkers finally came back!  Capcom’s 2D horror-themed arcade fighter returns in Darkstalkers Resurrection, an HD remastering of the first and third Darkstalkers games, now stitched together with modern frills like spectating, challenges, Achievements/Trophies, and GGPO integrated online play.  The set is expected out early next year for download on PSN and XBLA, priced at $14.99.  It’s not quite Darkstalkers 4 but Capcom assures us Resurrection’s success is a baby step toward scoring a sequel in the vein of SFIV.
  • I’m simply pleased as a plum to get to say this, here goes: I have fantastic news for both God of War and Colin Farrell fans.  Starting December 18th, discerning fans interested in getting an early taste of the upcoming God of War: Ascension as well as owning a bland, lifeless sci-fi flick will want to pick up a copy of the Total Recall remake.  Included in the Blu-Ray edition of either the Director’s Cut or the BD/DVD Combo will be the full E3 Ascension demo in playable form.  If you somehow have a baffling aversion to Len Wiseman films (you monster), the demo voucher’s 3/8/13 expiration date suggests a possible public demo is in store.
  • In what’s sure to be an internal nightmare at Microsoft, 16 whole gigabytes of Halo 4 – which is the entirety of the game’s two Xbox 360 formatted discs – is readily available on a torrent site near you.  The pirated blockbuster can be downloaded in 8GB increments (campaign or multiplayer) or as a massive 16GB download.  If you happen to be one of the lucky swashbucklers enjoying the game early and, best of all, for free, please take a moment to boot up the game’s credits where you’re able to appreciate the hundreds of names of talented, hard working individuals who you’re royally fucking over.
  • Taking a cue from Red Dead Redemption’s emphasis on the ’Dead,’ Square Enix and United Front’s own stellar open-world crime game, Sleeping Dogs, is getting DLC of the ghouslish persuasion just in time for Halloween.  “Nightmare in North Point” depicts what happens when the Triad decides to torture and murder the wrong man: zombies, that’s what, and it’s up to undercover cop Wei Shen to defend Hong Kong from untold horrors (including Chinese vampires).  Sleeping Dogs’ decidedly B-Movie turn for sheer greatness is yours to download starting Oct. 30th.
  • Speaking of Red Dead, that’s just one of the current-gen classics to be found on the Rockstar Games Collection.  Gathering some of the biggest hits from one of gaming’s most revered studios, this first collection bundles Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (no IV in sight, unfortunately), Team Bondi’s L.A. Noire, Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete Edition, and the aforementioned Red Dead Redemption (a personal all-time favorite).  Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1 (yeah, Edition 2 may just happen) is being made available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on November 6th, priced at $59.99.
  • Despite serving as the finale in a trilogy, there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to content for Mass Effect 3Bioware has announced more DLC is on the way and it’s purportedly twice as large as the “Leviathan” DLC.  Dubbed “Omega,” this single-player expansion revolves around no-nonsense asari Aria T'loak’s brutal attempt to retake her criminal harboring space station from Cerberus control.  But of course, Carrie-Anne Moss reprises her role as Aria, the asari you just don’t fuck with.  “Omega” will set you back $14.99 when it releases for the PC, PS3, and 360 on Nov. 27th.

Last Week in Trailers

  • DmC: Devil May Cry - Abrasive screaming vocals, almost unlistenable industrial rock, quick stylish flashes of violence…Suffice to say, this trailer will hit the spot for most – nay – all of the gaming world at large.  Why are you shaking your head?
  • Lost Planet 3 - With its intriguing bits of explorations, new horror vibe, intuitive, player engaging mech controls, and an epic attempt to make Q.T.E.’s interesting again, Lost Planet 3 – a sequel that has no rightly business looking as goddamned good as it does – is making a seriously strong case for itself.  Don’t make me eat my words, Spark.
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted - “But you don’t usually ever mention racing games.  What gives, The Red Herb?"  First of all, don’t call me that.  Only my mother calls me that.  Second of all, any game that depicts a car crash landing on another as if it were the metal-encased fist of God definitely gets an honorable mention.

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