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Bioshock Slapped with a Season Pass and Mass Effect Delivers Its Last Hurrah

Little more than a month away, the extremely belated, but anxiously awaited, Bioshock Infinite will hit stores, finally letting players wreak all manners of havoc within the airborne confines of Columbia.  Fearing you might find your time with the game…finite (fuckin’ nailed it), Irrational is prepping three separate DLC packs to pad out the narrative.

And like any DLC preemptively announced before a game’s release, you can bet your bottom dollar, friend, that a Season Pass is on its way.  All three mystery content packs can be yours with the $20/1600 MS Pass; for your troubles, an additional content pack containing a what’s-what of weapon upgrades and stat-increasing Infusion bottles is thrown in with the Pass.  Bioshock Infinite takes off March 26th.

While a new chapter for Bioshock begins, Mass Effect 3’s long running series of downloadable add-on’s comes to an end beginning Feb. 26th.  Starting with a free multiplayer update, Reckoning brings with it four new classes – if you were curious: Geth Juggernaut, Cabal Vanguard, Talon Mercenary, and the Alliance Infiltration Unit – as well a pretty, pretty arsenal of seven new weapons.

March 5th sees the game’s very last shred of single-player DLC as Citadel becomes available, priced at $14.99/1200 MS.  Returning you to the content’s colossal namesake space station, Shepard finds himself at the center of an insidious conspiracy only snappy decision making and generous biotic-blasting can quell.  The fan-servicing attraction here is the rogues gallery of Mass Effect Trilogy alumni you’ll encounter on your journey, allowing players to bid farewell to their assorted favorites (“Godspeed, Miranda’s ass.”).

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