“This is For You, Mr. J” - Full Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer...

This is For You, Mr. J” - Full Harley Quinn’s Revenge Trailer

I’ve seen spoiler warnings attached to this trailer (I’d rate it a “mild” on the spoiler-sauce scale), but if you honestly haven’t beaten one of 2011’s Games of the Year and arguably the best superhero game released in the last decade, then I recommend you clear your schedule of watching YouTube videos and get on Arkham City before the Batman introduces fist-shaped justice to your spleen.

For the rest of you that I don’t have to brace for spoilers, I must warn you that the marketing team at Warners thought it a swell idea to take the awful blaring noise Mass Effect’s Reapers make and mix it into a dubstep song (the use of the word “song” is loose here).  I can imagine that marketing team will have fist-shaped justice kisses visited upon them in the very near future.

Harley Quinn’s Revenge can be downloaded May 29th or found within Arkham City’s GotY Edition that same day.

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