Ultra Street Fighter IV: Adds Five New Challengers, Six New...

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Adds Five New Challengers, Six New Stages

Headlong into the virtual slobberknocker arena of Evo 2013, Capcom announced at their panel fightstick veterans can look forward to yet another hefty update to Street Fighter IV; yes, that’s four whole years after its initial console release.

The PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 versions of the game will see the DLC update at $15 or paired up in a new $39.99 retail package featuring all previous updates, characters, and costumes, both set for release sometime next year.  In addition to a laundry list of fixes and balances, five characters will join the roster – including series familiars Elena, Hugo, Poison, and Rolento along with an unannounced brawler making their Street Fighter debut – and will also feature six new stages for players to embarrass their foes on.

This spot will be updated with an official trailer once it releases tomorrow which also promises to reveal the upgrade’s name.  Sorry to spoil the surprise but I’m guessing this “Hyper Street Fighter IV” logo making the rounds is no longer purely coincidence.

UPDATE: Close but no Sagat, as they say.  2014’s upgrade to SFIV is not Hyper, it’s Ultra.  As promised, here’s your first glimpse at Ultra Street Fighter IV.  Will Street Fighter IV trump Street Fighter II as the most re-released fighting game in Capcom’s catalogue?  Ask me in about a dozen or more versions.

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