Watch Dogs Launches Around the World May 27th The gaming public...

Watch Dogs Launches Around the World May 27th

The gaming public is all too familiar with delays, but it sure as hell notices when the belated title is as high profile a game as Watch Dogs is.

Originally meant to run out of the gates alongside next-gen consoles – while still dishing out current-gen counterparts – Watch Dogs slipped out of its November 2013 slot and into… well, seemingly oblivion. In the months following, Ubisoft uttered apologies while responding to date inquiries with a firm “when it’s ready.”

Can’t fault the publisher, though. Watch Dogs made a big damn splash when it was announced and all eyes have been glued since. With that much attention, and the hype train that came barreling in after its reveal, a mountain of expectation rests upon this untested IP.

Delayed for quality assurance, we’re now closer to experiencing Aiden Pearce’s technologically charged quest for good old fashioned revenge. Watch Dogs, releasing on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One, is dated globally for May 27th. [Sorry Wii U people, no firm date for your hardware. Don’t hack the messenger.]

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