Watch ‘Dracula’s Vengeance’ Trailer How ghoulishly fitting we...

 Watch ‘Dracula’s Vengeance’ Trailer

How ghoulishly fitting we should receive a brand new Lords of Shadow 2 trailer on Halloween. 'Course, it’d be more fitting if that game were actually coming out today. Gabriel may be able to wait out centuries in his castle keep, but my lack of immortality means I get fidgety waiting in the drive-thru.

Brief as it is, we witness our man Gabriel curse the God he once devoted his life and work to. No longer a man, he prefers to be addressed as 'The Dragon,’ or Dracul, pledging to forever be a torn sticking out the Almighty’s side. So, yeah, the dude’s been making some serious life changes between the first and second game.

To my European comrades out there, let it be known that Lords of Shadow 2 has itself a Collector’s Edition heading to your side of the world. 'Dracula’s Tomb Premium Edition’ comes with, get this, Dracula’s tomb as a special case to house its goodies which include a hardcover art book, four badass little figurines (one of them being the mysterious, bearded Belmont seen in the trailers), and a steelbox case for your copy of the game.

Only 30,000 are being released, so get up on those pre-orders. No word from Konami if North America is receiving a similar tomb of badassery. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 releases Feb. 25th in the states and Feb, 28th in the UK.

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