Will We Really See Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Revealed Next Week?...

Will We Really See Kingdom Hearts HD Remix Revealed Next Week?

Online gaming rag Dual Pixels has caught wind that Square Enix intends on showing off more than the 3DS’ Dream Drop Distance at E3.  Count this as a code teal rumor (I don’t know about you but ‘teal’ has always meant 'severe’ in my book), but the site claims the publisher is compiling a remastered collection featuring Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, 358/2 Days, Chain of Memories, and Birth by Sleep.

This colossal gathering of the times Disney collided with Final Fantasy will either be called Kingdom Hearts HD Remix or – the much classier – Kingdom Hearts: Remembrance.  Dual Pixel’s source indicates that the title will release for the PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and, interestingly enough, the Nintendo Wii U.  The HD treated collection is said to have extra side quests that clean up messy plot threads between the games.  Specifically, the Wii U version of the set is reported to have exclusive story elements that connect it directly to Kingdom Hearts 3D – connections apparently missing from the Sony versions.

I don’t know, folks.  Swallow the salt shaker on this one.  From the sheer amount of titles included and additional assets mentioned…it all seems too good to be true.  And yet, the fact that Kingdom Hearts III hasn’t even begun production makes it all the more likely that Square Enix would be keen on keeping the property fresh in gamers minds while also appeasing longtime fans with the prospect of something “new” to call their own.

[Note: image from Dream Drop Distance.]

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