Wolfenstein: The New Order Dated, Trailered, and Slapped with...

Wolfenstein: The New Order Dated, Trailered, and Slapped with Doom 4 Beta

The Bethesda backed, MachineGames developed reboot of id’s famed Nahtzi killin’ vidja game officially has itself a date.

Wolfenstein: The New Order, which sees B.J. “Blast-to-Bits” Blazkowicz launching a counter-offensive against the Nazi force that’s conquered the free world since winning World War II (History 101 Spoiler: didn’t actually happen), will release May 20th on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and the Xbox Uno.

Here’s the kicker: pre-ordering a copy of the game gains you beta access to the next Doom… Which, until this point, has been all quiet on the western front. Bethesda didn’t care to specify what the beta entailed – though its existence seems to strongly suggest Doom 4 is being fitted with some kind of multiplayer.

All that’s clear is that new copies of Wolfenstein will include a voucher good for whenever they decide to open the beta.

I suspect a lot of you couldn’t have cared less about The New Order before hearing that bit of news, but the above trailer had enough visual flair, quality voice work, and black humor to catch my attention. But if the game’s anywhere in the same state it was when I got a hands-on back at last year’s QuakeCon, the gameplay’s going to need some screws tightened before its launch in May.

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