Writers Guild of America: Video Game Writing Award Nominees

As a would-be/wannabe writer, I would be remiss to not shine a spotlight (or, given that this is a blog, a flashlight) on the hard working wordsmiths behind my favorite medium.

Given that the WGA is a guild, it’s not surprising many other notable games and their writers were snubbed for nomination since you have to be certified in order to garner any recognition from the association.  Hopefully that answers your question as to why Duke Nukem Forever isn’t nominated.  Here be the nominees:

Assassin’s Creed: Revelations (Ubisoft)

  • Story by Alexandre Amancio, Jean Guesdon, Corey May, Darby McDevitt
  • Multiplayer Story by Stéphane Blais, Richard Farrese, Jeffrey Yohalem
  •  Lead Script Writer Darby McDevitt
  • Script Writers Richard Farrese, Nicholas Grimwood, Corey May, Jeffrey Yohalem
  • Greek and Turkish Ambient Dialogue Writer Vincenzo Beretta

Batman: Arkham City (Warner Bros. Interactive)

  • Lead Narrative Designer Paul Crocker
  • Story Written by Paul Dini, Paul Crocker, and Sefton Hil

Brink (Bethesda Softworks)

  • Lead Writer Edward “Bongoboy” Stern

Mortal Kombat (2011) (Warner Bros. Interactive)

  • Story by John Vogel, Brian Chard, Dominic Cianciolo, Alexander Barrentine, Jon Greenberg

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Sony Computer Entertainment)

  • Written by Amy Hennig

Across all forms of writing, from T.V. to books to the back of napkins, nominees will be chosen at the Los Angeles hosted awards show on February 19th.  I’ll keep you updated if Bongoboy wins (fingers crossed!).

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