Zelda Alert: A New Link to the Past Heading to the 3DS This...

Zelda Alert: A New Link to the Past Heading to the 3DS This Holiday

Whether you truck with Ocarina of Time or Wind Waker or even Zelda II (weirdo), you won’t hear much argument when someone bursts into the room and proclaims 1992’s A Link to the Past as the best Zelda game ever made.  Because even if you don’t agree, it’s too damn hard to build a case against one of the very best adventures game of all time.

That would be why the internet is freaking out over the prospect of a quasi-sequel to the Nintendo masterpiece.  Coming to the 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Kamigami no Triforce 2 (as it’s called in Japan; no English title just yet), is not a remake, but a continuation of sorts set in the same world as the SNES original and shares that game’s top-down perspective.  Your retro sense may tingle but things take a turn for the modern thanks to the handheld’s features.

In true 2.5D style, depth plays a huge part of the game’s mechanics as you’ll be able to ascend or descend from areas, navigate puzzles outside of the two-dimensional plane, and become a wall painting that can slip through crevices (just roll with it, man).

A New Link to the Past – that’s on the house, Nintendo – is slated to release this Holiday season.  Excuse me while I attempt to reclaim my 3DS from the cobwebs in my closet.

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