Zombie Disaster Biopic World War Z Getting a Video Game? If you...

Zombie Disaster Biopic World War Z Getting a Video Game?

If you happen to be in possession of The Zombie Survival Guide, chances are World War Z is close at hand as well.  Max Brooks’ ambitious multi-perspective account of the fictional zombie apocalypse is a brilliant and surprisingly well researched read that any self respecting dead head worth their salt is required to own.

WWZ was engrossing enough to merit Hollywood’s attention with a big budget film soon put into commission, with Paramount Studios fronting the rights and Brad Pitt’s production company Plan B at the helm (and his face in front of the camera).  For a film about an unnatural disaster, actual production has been fittingly rough, troubles spurning on costly rewrites and reshoots.  Still, with the head turning success of fellow undead adaptations like The Walking Dead, World War Z presses on – although now delayed from this holiday to next summer.

Time and finances having already been deeply sunk into the property, Paramount Studios must be looking to multiply potential profits because as of July 10th, paperwork has been filed for a World War Z video game trademark covering all bases from online to downloadable rights.

Paramount may only be starting to turn the cogs on a game – likely shopping around for a publisher and development house – but the prospect of a title that can pull from Max Brooks’ lore is promising.  Playing out as survivor recollections from different people in different cities all over the globe, the novel’s narrative gives way for a game that could show us a truly encompassing, wide-scale (and frightening) look at the end of the world.

But that’s hoping whoever picks up the development gig draws inspiration from the novel.  This could end up a $10 downloadable rail-shooter for all we know.  But my love for the book has me hungry for more info (I’ll keep you posted, but of course).

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