Believe it or Not, God of War: Ascension is Multiplayer “We...

Believe it or Not, God of War: Ascension is Multiplayer

“We wouldn’t do multiplayer in God of War unless we knew we could do it right,” says Ascension’s director, Todd Papy.  That’s right, Sony Santa Monica’s latest entry into the gore-drenched epic of revenge comes with the addition of multiplayer this time around.  In the video preview, we’re specifically treated to Ascension’s disturbing take on capture-the-flag where two competing factions of four hack and slash a path directly to a Titan at the center of the arena.  The primary goal is for your team to mesh simultaneous brutality until you disembowel the shrieking monolith – all while fending off your opposition tasked with getting there first.

So far, God of War’s version of four v. four surprisingly falls in line with the series’ style in a unabashedly violent way.  While every game on the market minutely resembling a shooter is slapped with multiplayer, I’m ecstatic to see the often solo genre of hack n’ slash enter the online domain.  It’s high time we’ve gotten to tear sinew with friends.  Ascension just moved up quite a few notches on my radar.

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