Borderlands 2 is 2K’s Best Selling Title Now resting at 8.5...

Borderlands 2 is 2K’s Best Selling Title

Now resting at 8.5 million copies shipped, Gearbox’s critically acclaimed FPS RPG Borderlands 2 takes the top spot for the highest-selling game in 2K’s history as confirmed in a Take-Two earnings report.

5 million tickets to Pandora were shipped across PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 within the first few months of release, while 3.5 million more units were dished out in the year following. A PS Vita port is still in the works, set to increase that number (not by a lot, glossing over the Vita’s life-to-date sales – but, hey, portable vault hunting might be the kick in the ass Sony’s handheld needs).

New content for Borderlands 2 was also asserted during the Take-Two call. Gearbox’s slavish dedication to expanding the game’s world and BL2’s runaway success is most definitely not a coincidence.

Speaking of Gearbox, they’re holding a very colorful, very large gun to my head at the moment (I’m pretty sure it’s a Torque weapon since it’s overcompensation to a devastating degree).

They’d peaceably like me to remind you that Glitch Gaming Apparel has a line of pretty badass Borderlands shirts and, while I’m in no way implying that you aren’t badass already, you’d look even badass-er wearing one of these babies. Yeah. Badass-er. Outranks “badass,” just beneath “badass-est." Git chu one!

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