Bungie’s Destiny Unveiled This Sunday The time is soon upon us,...

Bungie’s Destiny Unveiled This Sunday

The time is soon upon us, folks.  Announced on its newly created Facebook page, February 17th marks our first official reveal of Destiny, Bungie’s first major title since giving up control of the wheel behind the phenomenally successful Halo franchise.

Just an arm’s throw back, we were privy to a sizable leak of story info and concept art that Bungie begrudgingly confirmed as real.  In said lowdown, the basic premise picks up seven-hundred years from now and pits players as “Knights"  bent on protecting the near-extinct remnants of humanity and their "Last City on Earth” against bizarre creatures creeping in from the fringes of the universe.

What we don’t know is just what the hell kind of game Destiny is supposed to be.  Brace for impact: there’s going to be shooting involved.  But ever since the project hit the radar, it’s been hinted we might see Bungie take on multiplayer of the massive variety which, in and of itself, hints at an equally large open world.

MMO/FPS, open world/co-op shooter, Halo-meets-Nancy Drew…Whatever in the fuck it is, it’s an original IP from one of the industry’s best, fan-loyal developers and that’s enough of a reason to be excited.  See you Sunday, folks.

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