‘Cold Stream’ DLC Finally Coming to Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360...

‘Cold Stream’ DLC Finally Coming to Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360

The first user created map to ever be doctored and distributed by Valve is heading to the Xbox 360 on July 24th.  After almost a year of play testing, Left 4 Dead 2 fanatics will be privy to the entirety of “Cold Stream” as well as L4D1’s “Blood Harvest,” “Dead Air,” and “Death Toll” campaigns.  Hell, Valve is even throwing in the mini DLC campaign “Crash Course” in the bundle.  That’s one very complete, zombie blasting package.

As if that wasn’t enough, Cold Stream’s arrival on the 360 also marks the deployment of a new patch for both the home console and PC versions of L4D2 which will give players access to every one of the game’s mutations any time you want to tackle them.  Valve, you seriously know how to make every other developer look bad.

More details and even surprise announcements are to come in the following weeks according to Valve (including, hopefully, specific pricing – and, no, I sincerely doubt Microsoft would allow such a whopping download to pass through their servers for free).

PC people have had little reason to uninstall the game, but if you Xbox folk have committed the crime of letting Left 4 Dead 2 cycle out of your collection, you have about a month to right that wrong.  Add me when you do and we’ll see if we can’t make the apocalypse that much safer.

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