Everybody Wants to Rule the World in Assassin’s Creed Unity Four...

Everybody Wants to Rule the World in Assassin’s Creed Unity

Four player co-op. Improved mobility. Reworked engine. Eagles.

Creed’s first full next-gen affair seems to have it all. Even a magnificently atmospheric Tears for Fears cover overlaid this stunning (though pre-rendered) trailer.

The masses are quick to lambaste a franchise that rushes out to the Holiday season every year, but I cut Assassin’s Creed some slack because Ubisoft has always experimented with its formula in each major release. The results aren’t always terrific (remember willfully skipping that tower defense mini-game in Revelations?), yet their tenacity has lent to growing and shaping AC into a tightly wound ball of playability and clever ideas.

They had my rapt attention when fellow online players joined lead Arno in hunting down their unknowing prey in yesterday’s gameplay reveal. If you know me, you know competitive multiplayer isn’t always my bag – I’m especially averse to it in third-person games – so a co-op offering is a cup o’ tea I cannot pass up.

Be a buddy and help your friends incite a revolution when Assassin’s Creed Unity releases October 28th, 2014.

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