Fallout: The TV Series? This might amount to no more than the...

Fallout: The TV Series?

This might amount to no more than the internet readily springing to the nearest conclusion, but when has Bethesda’s trademark filing antics let us down before?  This go around, however, we’re not talking about outed DLC.  No, it would seem this new filing points to the company’s intention to take over a whole different medium altogether.

Bethesda has recently registered a trademark for “an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world."  Well, that’s a mighty interestin’ course of action considering Bethesda happens to be the current rights holder and publisher of the Fallout series.  I’d venture to say the two notions are related in some inconceivably, far-fetched way…though I’d be damned if I knew how.

Sorry to disappoint those that thought we were on the verge of a Fallout 4 announcement thanks to voice actor Erik Todd Dellums’ tweet last week where he teased that his character Three Dog – Galaxy News Radio’s DJ last heard in Fallout 3 – would be making a return in some fashion.  (That’s not to say there hasn’t been rabble about Fallout 4, though.  This is the internet, after all.)

Video games on television don’t have a terrific track record – go ask Mortal Kombat: Konquest the sordid truth…if it’s not too drunk to respond, that is – but I’m not one to underestimate some of the creative minds coasting around in the entertainment business.  It just takes the combination of the right talent with the right material to create the TV equivalent of cigarettes for your eyeballs.  So judgement reserved until if and when this one actually happens.

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