Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer from Arkane’s Prey RebootAnd...

Here’s the First Gameplay Trailer from Arkane’s Prey Reboot

And it’s looking incredibly promising. I was on the fence about a complete reworking of the franchise. All right, “franchise” may be loftier a word than this IP deserves considering it has one 2006 release and a completely scrapped sequel to its name. But I dug the original Prey’s premise of a modern Native American falling on his ancestry’s ancient powers to battle a threat from the stars. It had style, a Quake-y atmosphere and physics-bending fuckery even before Portal became a household name.

But Arkane’s on to something here. A giant space station, an invading alien species akin to a “living ecology,” a mix-up of upgradable future tech and Plasmid-like extraterrestrial powers… This is a reimagining with serious imagination. Sure, we’re not getting the “alien bounty hunter” successor Prey 2 was proposed to be – and my heart still breaks each time I look upon the stars and wonder what could have been – but this? This might do just fine.

Arkane Studios’ Prey is slated for a 2017 release on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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