Irrational to Reveal Bioshock Infinite DLC in July Irrational...

Irrational to Reveal Bioshock Infinite DLC in July

Irrational Games has confirmed to Joystiq that a public unveiling for new Infinite DLC is scheduled for late July…And that’s all folks!  Thanks for reading.

Hmm?  Still here?  All right, let’s get our speculative beanies on.  The prolonged wait for extra content – in this case, three promised story add-on’s as well as a small suite of weapon and ability upgrades – can be attributed to the decision to create DLC after the game’s launch.

Over the last generation, the normal course developers swing with is to start making extra content after their title has gone gold but before it has actually shipped.  This is where the Day One DLC phenomenon comes to be.  Of course, when DLC rolls out so soon after launch, consumers have taken to complaining that studios and publishers are withholding content in order to wring out additional dollars from us.

Avoiding this controversy altogether, Irrational instead began concocting DLC after Bioshock Infinite’s ship.  Hence why we haven’t seen or heard a damn thing about these content packs until now (that still didn’t prevent them from selling a Season Pass on day one, but I’m not going to shoot vigors their way; I bought that sucker at the midnight).

Joystiq points out that Irrational gave no solid word on whether this unrevealed DLC is story content, though, or if it’s even included with the Season Pass.  My guess is that it is both and – throwing caution over the edge of Columbia herself – I’d venture a further guess that story DLC will either feature brand new playable characters (rumors hinted at a new companion by your side) or, if Elizabeth and Booker are back, it’ll be another alternate Columbia thanks to one of (wait for it) infinite tears.

‘Course, it really could be anything.  Irrational have said in the past that Bioshock Infinite had enough content cut from it to make about five or six whole games.  Oh, the infinite possibilities…All right, fine, I’ll stop.

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