“No More Hope. No More Batman” – First Akrham Knight Gameplay...

“No More Hope. No More Batman” – First Akrham Knight Gameplay Trailer

The final chapter in Rocksteady’s Dark Knight video game trilogy approaches. The Scarecrow’s impending threat of fear-gassing Gotham has trapped the Batman in a city populated by madmen. Worse – because it can and will always get worse for the Caped Crusader – there’s a new masked menace in town calling himself “The Arkham Knight,” and he’s skilled enough and driven enough to match the Bat blow for blow.

Bad for Batman, fantastic for us. A next-gen only affair, Rocksteady doesn’t wish to go out quietly into the night, building a stunningly rendered, jaw-dropping last hurrah for the best superhero series in gaming. Hopefully it’s as good as it looks, because it looks too damn good.

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