Place Your Bets, What’s Call of Duty’s Big Reveal Going To Be?...

Place Your Bets, What’s Call of Duty’s Big Reveal Going To Be?

Rumors galore have been floating about in reference to 2012’s contractually obligated Call of Duty release.  Seeing as how Treyarch has been the series’ off-season developers every other year way back since the games were about real wars, everyone’s been bracing for a Black Ops 2 (which would have the potential of completing the World at War Trilogy that no one cared was a trilogy).

Well, folks, we’ve been through these motions before and it was only a matter of time before Activision would part the curtains for Call of Duty 2012 (let’s just go by years now – it’s easier).  On the series official website, the above teaser can be viewed pointing towards a big unveiling on May 1st during some kind of sports telecast on the Dynamite Channel.

While Black Ops 2 is the most likely successor, the moniker Call of Duty: Eclipse being tossed around the industry muddies odds, though it should be noted that CoD carries brand recognition all on its own enough for Treyarch to call even a direct sequel whatever the hell they want.

My two cents?  I want Activision to succumb to the delightful insanity (or correct dose of acid) it would take to bring Call of Duty: Space Warfare back to life.  I picture satellite strike killstreaks, headshots leaving enemies merciless to the vacuum, and motherfuckin’ laser guns.  Come on, Activision, don’t be afraid to aim for total righteousness this year.

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