Previews Galore-ious - Dead Space 3 Gets a 20 Minute Preview and...

Previews Galore-ious - Dead Space 3 Gets a 20 Minute Preview and Payday: The Heist Goes All Left 4 Dead

Dead Space 3 preview right here.

Almost as if in retaliation to the criticisms shot their way for incorporating co-op into their survival horror sequel, Visceral dropped a monster of a gameplay preview for Dead Space 3 today depicting not only the solo portion of the campaign, but the accursed multiplayer aspect as well.

Historically, co-op and a gal named Tension have never gotten along decently enough to produce anything amazing, yet Visceral seems convinced they’ve concocted something special.  Their haunted house formula actually translates well within the effectively atmospheric environments, but I’ll let you be the judge if you find this footage “spine-tingling.”

And Payday: The Heist - No Mercy Trailer right over here.

So we’ve gotten some clarification in regards to the ‘No Mercy’ DLC developer Overkill is cooking for Payday: The Heist.  Yes, the content takes place in Mercy Hospital from the “No Mercy” campaign in Left 4 Dead, a co-op shooter made by Valve.  No, Valve is not making the 'No Mercy’ DLC for Payday, a co-op shooter made by Overkill.  There.  The world should make sense now.

Payday’s 'No Mercy’ merely uses the hospital setting and definitely alludes to Valve’s zombie hit (including a brief cameo from a popular character), but the content doesn’t tell the origin of the Infection nor does it even serve as canon.  If these facts spoil the DLC for you, may I counter by adding that it still looks like a blast and also who cares?

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