PS Vita Slim + Borderlands 2 Bundle Incoming This Spring The...

PS Vita Slim + Borderlands 2 Bundle Incoming This Spring

The slimmer, redesigned PlayStation Vita, already available in Japan and having just launched in Europe this month, is inbound for North America this Spring.

Right around the Vita Slim’s launch, a bundle featuring Borderlands 2 portable port and the remodeled handheld will be made available. No specific pricing or date has been announced for the system solo or bundled (though it’s likely the latter will come in at $199).

So how different is a Vita Slim? Well, for one, it’s cheaper thanks to some cost cutting maneuvers. The handheld’s thickness is reduced by twenty percent and the overall weight is fifteen percent lighter than the original Vita, making it a bit easier on the hands (though, in my opinion, the first model is still a sight more comfortable to hold than either 3DS model – i.e. my wrists’ mortal enemy).

The only trade-down would be the swap from that beautiful OLED display to a more standard LED screen. Perhaps a gig of internalized memory will assuage you. No? Yeah, same here. But, hey, cheaper!

A decidedly soft lineup of software has stayed my wallet when it came to Sony’s second foray into the handheld market. Which is a shame, because whenever I got my hands on the Vita, I loved the shit out of it – its interface, its button placement, its generously sized screen. I already own Borderlands 2 on two separate consoles but… goddamn if one more won’t hurt. Looting on the go is too hard to resist, and Sony’s handheld struggles definitely aren’t because they produced a bad system. Far from it.

Come Spring, if you’re like me and have been living life without a Vita (get it?), the Slim may be the way to go, LED and all.

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