PS4 Screenshots Not Uploading?Don’t suffer that shit like I did....

PS4 Screenshots Not Uploading?

Don’t suffer that shit like I did. Granted, I thought a bug in an update stripped me of my ability to share screenshots and the like to Twitter, so I waited until, hopefully, Sony would resolve the issue.

But my ‘Sit Back and Do Nothing’ procedure incurred no change. Turns out, it’s no bug. It’s just an overstuffed backlog of notifications.

If you, too, aren’t able to upload your brilliant snapshots and videos, here’s your first line of action:

1. Go to Notifications from the Dashboard

2. Scroll down to Uploads

3. Press the ‘Options’ button on your controller and manually delete all of those notifications clogging up your console.

The hell if I know why this works or why letting the notifications go unmaintained prevents you from using the Upload feature altogether (maybe it is a bug). But hope it helps you folks up there that haven’t been able to inundate your friends’ Facebook feeds with Fatality screenshots. Your aunt needs to witness a spunky blonde girl pistol whip a man’s jaw off.

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