Put on Your Hater Blockers — DmC: Devil May Cry is Coming to...

Put on Your Hater Blockers — DmC: Devil May Cry is Coming to PS4/Xbone

When Ninja Theory’s bold, stylish reworking of the Devil May Cry mythos released in 2013, there was an avalanche sized disparity between critical reception, which deemed the game a phenomenal treat for the hack n’ slash genre, and fan opinion, which assessed that Dante’s lack of white hair and excision of anime-flavored over-the-topness made DmC fucking trash, and NT the worst developer in the world.

If you let the haters dissuade you from this radical reboot last year, allow The Herb to set you straight: DmC is my favorite Devil May Cry game. I have played each and all, repeatedly. But I love this one the best. Maybe now you’ll get to see why in next-gen.

Releasing both digitally and retail-ally for PS4 and Xbox One (is everyone cool if we just start abbreviating that as ‘XO’?), DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition packs the original game, every piece of DLC from costumes to the trippy side-campaign, Vergil’s Downfall, and blends it with a shitload of new modes and features.

The already fluid game now runs at 60fps in 1080p. The gameplay has been tweaked and tinkered to max efficiency — bugs have been squashed, uneven AI has been rebalanced, the Style system can now be made harder to master, and thanks to player demand, a manual lock-on can be implemented a la DMC1.

A new Hardcore Mode has been added for those craving old school ass-walloping; Turbo Mode has returned, featuring 20% more speed; a new difficulty, Gods Must Die, starts enemies in Devil Trigger, gives them increased damage, and denies you item use (masochists wanted); and now Mr. Vergil has his own Bloody Palace to eviscerate demons in.

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition re-drops March 17th, 2015. I’m hoping against all hope that a renewed interest in this reboot might push Capcom into greenlighting a direct sequel. It would be the ultimate crime if Ninja Theory’s vibrant, vivid world only gets one chance; a worse crime than no white hair.

(‘Course, if you’re really hard up for the two-dimensional, walked-straight-out-of-a-manga Dante, Capcom is also releasing a Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition onto next-gen platforms sometime in the summer.)

Official Trailer Hereabouts!

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