Quantic Dream Set to Unveil New Project(s) at Sony’s E3...

Quantic Dream Set to Unveil New Project(s) at Sony’s E3 Conference

Two months ago, the studio that brought you Heavy Rain and Indigo Prophecy decided to demo a seven minute reel of their latest engine within the frame of a short film centering on the assembly of a virtual intelligence named Kara that thought itself alive.  The results were astounding, but Kara’s tale was final.  Company head David Cage had stated that the demo wasn’t a preview for a game in development, which left many wondering how exactly Quantic Dream would floor our jaws next.

Now, CVG reports from a trusted source that the cerebral developer will reveal their next huge game on Monday during Sony’s press conference.  While we may only be privy to one title (which will most likely end up on the PS3 given Cage’s affection for the console), Quantic Dream is supposedly working on two separate projects that may reach as far as the Vita.

Sony themselves refused to comment on the matter but we can be sure to see something impressive next week.  Stay tuned.

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