Rumble at the Loot Cave Chaos broke out at the Loot Cave last...

Rumble at the Loot Cave

Chaos broke out at the Loot Cave last night.

Having maxed out my weekly allotment of Vanguard and Crucible Marks, instead of pouring five billion hours into upping my faction standing (roving christ, what am I saying? This game is infecting me), I decided to hop on over to Old Russia’s now infamous exploit spot.

With only one other stranger by my side, things were nominal for fifteen minutes or so. Nominal, as in completely boring but still better than relinquishing myself to the bitter roulette wheel of Destiny’s loot drops elsewhere in the game.

Then, I get a warning that my “enemies are moving in on each other.” That’s when dozens of Fallen and Hive start swarming the area from fucking nowhere. We’re talking all types; warlocks, Knights, and everything in between. It’s a full-on brawl. Blowing through one wave gave way to a new flood of harder enemies. Shielded enemies. Vicious enemies. Not a single one was above a level 11 but their sheer numbers had me sweating, a level 25, sweating and dancing around, trying to fend for life.

The literal stream of enemies is no doubt a coy response from Bungie to smoke players out of using the Loot Cave. But you know what? It was pretty goddamn awesome. It was the first genuine surprise this game has dropped on my lap since I’ve taken on the heavy burden of leveling past 20.

This game needs more moments like this. Sporadic moments. Moments not predetermined by spawn points. Genuinely organic moments. Truly fun, unadulterated pieces of gameplay like this shouldn’t be as rare as a legendary item. It should be the backbone of this game. Why players should want to return. Not for some measly fucking piece of armor that one player can randomly get in one hour where another slogging through one-hundred cannot.

I want to see this game evolve like a true MMO. The Destiny we have now should not be the Destiny we venture to in six months time. Heed the call, Bungie.

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