Sledgehammer Games Tackling Call of Duty 2013 Prepare to be...

Sledgehammer Games Tackling Call of Duty 2013

Prepare to be savagely unsurprised: Activision plans to release yet another annual increment of Call of Duty in 2013.  Unlike the Infinity Ward/Treyarch development house trade off that’s been routine practice the last four years or so, a recent job listing on Sledgehammer’s website points to the Modern Warfare 3 collaborators as the next in line to handle the franchise instead.

Their ad for a Senior FX Artist (which has since been filled) also requested the candidate have professional experience with the inner workings of “current generation hardware."  Murmurs suggest this may be the last Call of Duty to come out during this console cycle and Infinity Ward’s assignment on an unnamed next-gen shooter reinforces that rumor.

Why even waste the resources, Activision?  The manpower, the advertising, the plastic you print the games on – save all that shit.  The way I see it, you don’t need to make a new CoD every year.  Just make one game that, every November, renders my system completely useless until I feed it $59.99.  For Elite Subscribers, they can have the additional incentive of a small fire emitting from the disc tray that can only be put out with a credit card.  I get to shoot virtual people, my family’s out of danger, and Acti makes more money – everyone’s happy.

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