Sony CEO Says Blocking Used Sales is ‘Anti-Consumer’ Industry...

Sony CEO Says Blocking Used Sales is ‘Anti-Consumer’

Industry analyst Michael Pachter went straight to the horse’s mouth to figure out Sony of America’s stance on anti-used methods such as the angrily rumored next generation of hardware that would restrict your game purchasers to only your console.

When Pachter asked SCEA’s head honcho and CEO Jack Tretton about the topic, despite being steeped in the business side of the industry, the Sony exec still shot back with a surprisingly diplomatic answer.  Tretton considers any move against the used market to be “anti-consumer” and that he personally is “opposed to blocking used games.”

We’re not out of the woods yet, though.  Tretton was sure to reiterate his words were only that; his words.  “Japan might think something different,” the executive added.  It may seem like a win for used retail to have one of the Big Three’s top figureheads support customer choice, but given that Sony is a Japanese company, the final say on the matter might have to come from the East.

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