Sony Revising the PS3 Again to Create the ‘Super Slim’? Have you...

Sony Revising the PS3 Again to Create the ‘Super Slim’?

Have you ever looked at your Slim line PS3 – which, by the way, was reduced 32% in size from the original models – and thought to yourself, “Look at how much room this bastard takes up.  I can’t fucking live like this”?  Well, your obscene prayers may soon be answered.

Documents recently filed with the FCC strongly hint at the console manufacturer’s plans to release an even teensier model of the PlayStation 3 dubbed by the media the “Super Slim”.  Throughout the documents the remodeled system is simply referred to by its model number, CECH-4001x (the last run of PS3’s, the 160GB and 320GB, are apart of the 3000 series).  It’s suggested the 'x’ in '4001x’ is in place of how big the Super Slim’s hard drive will end up being, possibly hinting at larger storage sizes to come.

For as long as we’ve been hearing murmurs of a slimmer Slim, I’d be surprised to not see this one come into fruition.  According to Eurogamer, just as the first Slim was introduced at 2010’s German show Gamescom, it’s believed we’ll see this extraordinarily slim Slim introduced at next month’s 2012 expo.

Personally, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the size of my Slim.  But now that I know there’s something smaller, I understand how wrong I’ve been to own something so huge and gaudy.  I’ll get on fixing that right after I get that bigger 3DS.

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