That Was Quick, Internet: The Elder Scrolls Online Screens and...

That Was Quick, Internet:  The Elder Scrolls Online Screens and Info Leaked

A PDF of Game Informer Online’s June edition looks to have been leaked early (and when I say “leaked,” I mean downright poured), unleashing the entire featured write-up on Bethesda’s run at the MMO market, Elder Scrolls Online.  Included in the article were several concept and in-game images from the game.  With the MMORPG’s announcement, Game Informer promised fans would get a singular glimpse at the new game today.  Instead, nineteen images surfaced.  That’s more than sneaking a peek; that’s lifting up the game’s skirt and snapping photos.

I don’t imagine Game Informer is anywhere within the realm of pleased regarding the leak.  If this was an accident, hopefully no one’s job security (or life) comes into harm’s way.  I can assure the magazine’s staff and Bethesda that we all feel really very guilty about all the screens our eyeballs are enjoying.  Sorry for the, uh, whole photo and skirts thing.

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