The Arkham Game Universe Won’t Cross Over with the Movie-verse...

The Arkham Game Universe Won’t Cross Over with the Movie-verse

Producer Guillaume Voghel, whose newly formed studio Warner Bros. Games Montreal is wearing the development cape on Batman: Arkham Origins, had some noteworthy insights for fans of the Dark Knight’s showstopping game franchise – specifically concerning any potential spillover from the growing DC Movie-Verse WB is building brick by brick. To clarify: there won’t be any.

“The Arkham brand is really independent from the movies and that’s something I think is at the core of its success; Rocksteady did that really well,” said Voghel to IGN. “They isolated the game from the movies and the Arkham brand will keep going in that direction if there are other entries down the line.”

Even the notion of Arkham’s story being told beyond the controller was squashed, with Voghel saying “it’s a franchise we want to focus on only through video games.” [There are, however, tie-in comics but the producer likely means we probably won’t see an Arkham Asylum movie adaptation.]

So no Arkham movies and, likewise, no movie canon, be Nolan’s or Snyder’s, will make it into the games anytime soon. That’s for certain. But what isn’t locked down is whether WB Games Montreal is to bat-tackle another title in the series beyond Origins or if franchise propagator, Rocksteady Games, is set to don the cape n’ cowl (of development) again.

Gulliaume wouldn’t budge on the issue but rumors suggest Rocksteady is working on something in the cover of shadows…

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