The Red Herb Roundup: Season of the Roundup


As the only installed feature The Red Herb claims stake to, I’m obligated each and every week to feel really guilty for skipping out on writing one.  But since it’s almost Halloween, and given the inappropriateness of the above picture as a warm Christmas greeting, I have set loose another Roundup unto the world.  God help us all.

This Week in Gaming

  • It ain’t easy being a multi-million dollar international corporation.  Despite seeing a massive lawsuit leveled at the company over last year’s PlayStation Network security breach recently thrown out of court (apparently, there was a “Buyers Beware” clause in their user agreement), Sony still isn’t being allotted any quarter by hackers. A group calling themselves The Three Musketeers have released crucial PS3 security coding – what experts are referring to as a “Master Key” for the console – to the internet at large.  Despite this blow to Sony’s security, The Musketeers claim malice had no part in their actions.  According to them, rival hackers gained the coding and were planning to charge for the information.  The Three Musketeers intervened and saved the day by making the Master Key readily available to anyone interested in illegally jailbreaking their PS3.  Now that’s justice in every sense of the word (unless, you know, you’re Sony).
  • We’re on the cusp of a huge Grand Theft Auto V information avalanche in next month’s 18-page Game Informer blowout, but what good would the internet be if it waited for nonsense like that?  That’s why we already know when the game’s coming out and for what systems: Right around Spring 2013 and for the PS3 and Xbox 360 (at least initially).  If you’re curious why a Wii U logo is not prominently emblazoned on the linked promotional art, look to Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick’s complex, multifaceted thoughts on the system: “I’m skeptical." 
  • Anybody remember Anarchy Reigns?  Platinum Games already made the effort of finishing the Mad World quasi-sequel, and Sega was nice enough to ship it in Japan…and nowhere else.  Quit your bellyaching and log the hell off of Play-Asia, kids. Sega has announced an official U.S. release date of January 8th ( and Jan. 11th in Europe, in case you think I forgot you guys).  What’s more is that Sega’s disturbing lack of faith in Anarchy Reigns means you can snag it for just $29.99 once it hits shelves.
  • Being the savvy gamers we are, we’re all bound to have at least one treasured gem in our collection.  Be it a sealed black label copy of Final Fantasy VII or a complete Earthbound, we can all take comfort in the fact our beloved collectibles are worth jack and shit in comparison to this man’s $30,000 Atari game he dug out of this attic.  Next time you find 1982’s Air Raid decaying amongst a garage sale graveyard of knick-knacks and garden gnomes, strap on your poker face and try not to howl ”SUCKER!“ at the elderly woman you’re ripping off.
  • Video game horror buffs, I regret to inform you that an Eternal Darkness 2 was in development and that – thanks in no small part to an irrational, self-serving studio head – it’ll probably never see the light of day.  Kotaku published an extremely well worded investigation of the once-mighty Silicon Knight’s downfall wherein which work on Eternal Darkness’ sequel actually hit demo stage before one miserable X-Men game unraveled the developer.  Hit the link for the whole sordid affair.
  • Running all the way until Nov. 8th, Valve has commenced its fourth annual Scream Fortress, a Halloween-themed update to Team Fortress 2 that includes haunted King-of-the-Hill maps, effect altering spells, waves of the undead, and some new achievements to reward your troubles.

This Week’s DLC News

  • Dishonored is getting some digital add-on love in a trio of announced DLC packs releasing over the coming months.  December’s Dunwall City Trials ($4.99/400 MS Points) sees each of Corvo’s abilities tested in a wave-based combat arena.  Think Batman’s challenge rooms with exponentially more murder.  The second piece of content takes a story-driven turn where choice impacts the DLC’s finale.  You get to control a superhuman assassin by the name of Daud and slaughter accordingly with his own charcter-specific arsenal; expect Daud’s DLC out in Spring 2013.  2013’s third and final DLC has yet to be unveiled.
  • 343 Industries has announced the Halo 4 War Games Map Pass (I think they’re trying to say "Season Pass”).  Netting you nine maps in total (and extra goodies like in-game helmets), the $25 pass saves you a crisp fiver and guarantees the Crimson, Majestic, and Castle Map Packs, respectively launching for the Xbox 360 in December, February, and April.  If you already pre-ordered the pricey hundred-dollar Limited Edition, you’ll find that pass conveniently packed within.

This Week’s Decently Awesome Trailers

  • Far Cry 3 - Like the Hollywood flicks they emulate, action games love a good, brutal dictator as much as that goateed screenwriter sitting behind you at Starbucks does.  Cliched?  Make ‘em as psychotic and bloodthirsty as Far Cry 3’s Hoyt and the word won’t come to mind.
  • Halo 4 - “The Forerunners…have returned."  Yeah, that was a chill darting up your spine.
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted - Glossy graphics and huge vehicle selections have been a staple of modern racing games this entire generation.  In the twilight of this console cycle it’s refreshing to see a developer question archaic design choices as simple as "Why the hell can’t I drive any car, at any time, whenever I’d like?”
  • PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale - Sony releases another live action trailer featuring real life manifestations of their popular characters.  The results are extraordinarily creepy.  If you ever run into an actual Sackboy, don’t think, just fucking run.

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