The Taken King Takes His Own PS4Now that’s a handsome system...

The Taken King Takes His Own PS4

Now that’s a handsome system right there.

You’ll recall the initial release of Destiny garnered itself a white – pardon me; a glacier white – PlayStation 4 bundle last year. Meet glacier white’s successor: Guardian White (you’re welcome for the name, Sony – I only ask for your graciousness… in royalties).

The Limited Edition PS4 Bundle comes with a physical copy of Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition (featuring the original game and its first two expansions) and a bump up in status to the “Digital Collector’s Edition” which grants players armor shaders, an early access weapons cache, and three exotics for your Guardians. It’ll save you some grinding so that you can focus your attention on grinding.

The 500GB bundle releases the same day The Taken King does on September 15th. Sony says you’ll likely only ever be able to get this swanky ass edition this Fall. After that? You’ll have to strike against eBay, Guardians.

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