This is Not a Test – Capcom is Officially Remaking Resident Evil...

This is Not a Test – Capcom is Officially Remaking Resident Evil 2!

They’re doing it. They’re actually doing it.

Yoshiaki Hirabayashi, longtime producer on the franchise, announced today via the official Res’ Evil Youtube Channel that Capcom has approved his pitch for a remake of 1998′s Resident Evil 2.

Despite Hirabayashi’s excitement (which quickly degraded into a not so sly Shia LaBoof meme), the producer warns that it’ll be “some time” before we’re given an update on the project. But any and all news regarding the remake will be sent directly to the fans, and their feedback is being used to shape the game.

After Resident Evil 6, Capcom has receded into the series’ past in order to figure out how to move forward. It was an eventuality that the developer would auto-aim their sights back toward one of the most critically acclaimed and universally loved installments in RE history. How they go about remaking such hallowed ground is anyone’s guess. With the series fractured between old school, tank-controlled horror and over-the-shoulder corridor gunning, it’s difficult to guess how much renovation REmake 2 will get to transition from 1998 to today.

I’ll stow the worry, though. Today brought good news and it’s time to bask in it: They’re actually fuckin’ doing it.

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