This Month’s Game Informer Reveals The Elder Scrolls Online Oh,...

This Month’s Game Informer Reveals The Elder Scrolls Online

Oh, yes, the year’s long project has finally surfaced.  Created by Bethesda’s own Zenimax Online, the arena of massive multiplayer gaming is combined with the unprecedented scope of The Elder Scrolls, permitting you access to the entire land of Tamriel in one of the most ambitious RPG’s ever spurned forth from the flame.

Set 1,000 years before your exploits in Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online pits three different player factions against one another as a terrible figurehead attempts to drag the land into a hellish demon realm.  Of course, you could ignore the PvP action and quest solo, or perhaps participate in public dungeons.  Like its fore-bearers, Zenimax’s effort let’s you do as you will, promoting player choice.

I’m going to break your heart, console people.  The game – scheduled for a 2013 release – will only see the light of day on the PC and Mac.  Have hope and stop slamming your keyboard with your face.

Tomorrow promises our first screenshot and a teaser for the game; stay tuned.

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