Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC/PS3/PS4/X360/XOne - Holiday 2013)...

Wolfenstein: The New Order (PC/PS3/PS4/X360/XOne - Holiday 2013)

Apparently game after game of mowing down Nazis like anti-Semitic grass and blowing Hitler’s head off of his mechanical body have done little to sway the tide of war in the Wolfenstein universe.  The Allies lost and Nazism has descended upon the world.

Jump to an alternate 1960, Europe, where the Germans rule with a mecha army and astoundingly destructive weapons.But a resistance is swelling, and the unfortunately named BJ Blazkowicz is not one to roll over and take a conquering lying down.  This is where The New Order begins.  BJ’s tasked with a one man counter-offensive that resembles “instant suicide” every passing minute.  You’ll infiltrate strongholds, sabotage enemy armaments, wield gaudy weapons, and continue the time honored video game tradition of shooting Nazis in the face.

Behind the scenes, New Order benefits from an all-star alliance with Bethesda producing, id’s Tech 5 engine laying the groundwork for the game, and MachineGames – a studio formed by ex-Starbreeze figureheads – developing.  While this isn’t the first reboot the Wolfenstein concept has been treated to, it’s shaping up to be the most eye-popping.  Battling legions of mechanical Nazis in war torn 1960 in the series’ first next-gen shootout?  And the developers proudly position this to be a single-player only affair?  Yeah, I’m enlisting.

Check out a Nahtzi stomping gameplay preview hereabouts.

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