Batman: Arkham Knight Falls into 2015 Get it? “Knight Falls”?...

Batman: Arkham Knight Falls into 2015

Get it? “Knight Falls”? Because Knightfa– All right, to hell with it. Thought I’d bring some Bat-Puns to the table since this announcement means it’s a dark day for the Dark Knight.

Originally meant to release October 14th this year, Rocksteady’s next-gen only end-cap to their Arkham Trilogy – probably my most anticipated game of the year (pre-E3, of course) – has been officially delayed into 2015. When in 2015? Sometime.

Delays seem to be as common as DLC and manual-less game boxes these days. But the last time Rocksteady was nervous about launching an unpolished product, they took six extra months and delivered unto the world Arkham Asylum in all of its Batman-y, freeflow fighting glory.

Besides, after E3 next week, something tells me the Fall season is going to be jampacked with things to burn my money on. It’ll be like a viking funeral. Except the boat is my wallet and the archer shooting flaming arrows at my money is the seventeen-year-old associate at Gamestop who doesn’t know they’re getting dropped after the season is over. Exactly a viking funeral in other words.

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