Prepare Yourself, ‘Dawnguard’ is Coming to Skyrim This Summer A...

Prepare Yourself, ‘Dawnguard’ is Coming to Skyrim This Summer

A DLC expansion is finally on its way to The Elder Scrolls V, but unfortunately only one-third of the game’s fans will get to enjoy it.  An exclusive timed release for the Xbox 360 version of the game, Dawnguard is being made available for download this Summer off of Xbox Live.  PC and PS3 owners will still be privy to the content – just on a different time table.  The extra heat radiating from your computer is normal; it’s merely the collective scorn seething from the internet.

The announcement shouldn’t be that surprising, though.  Microsoft and Bethesda’s courtship has been long and storied, dating back to Morrowind’s exclusivity to the original Xbox and Windows PC, with recent examples cropping up like, say, today’s fresh Kinect compatibility update to Skyrim where you can harness shouts like a true dovahkiin and let neighbors loudly know how alone you are (I jest; but seriously, Apartment 310, keep it the fus down).

When it comes to details, Bethesda has gone only as far as making Dawnguard’s name public, pushing a full reveal to June’s E3.  During the stretch between now and then, the company says more free updates should be expected.

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