Sony Teases the “Future of PlayStation” Suddenly and all at once...

Sony Teases the “Future of PlayStation”

Suddenly and all at once Sony’s hype machine tossed up a teaser across every major social sphere on the internet.  All signs guided us to one site and a trailer fancy as it is cryptic.

The site’s address contains the phrase “meeting2013,” which apparently refers to a press junket being held in New York at the date and time up above.  “What’s all this cloak and dagger shenanigans really about?” you may be astutely wondering.  Well, “The Future of PlayStation,” but of course, and that’s as much as Sony is putting on the record for now.

Mighty big coincidink that educated guesses and above-whisper-level rumor mongering have been pointing to a PS4 reveal in the early part of 2013.  Though, me and the rest of the internet seem to recall Sony’s Prez Kaz Harai was more than happy to allow rival Microsoft to reveal their own next-gen competitor first (“Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?” said Harai, methodically folding his hands behind his head while a sinister, all-too-knowing grin spilled across his face).

Check back in when we find out what the hell all the fuss is about on Feb. 20th.

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