Toasty! NetherRealm Announces Mortal Kombat X! After weeks of...

Toasty! NetherRealm Announces Mortal Kombat X!

After weeks of teasing from series ko-kreator, Ed Boon, and an indirect leak from a Sutherland of all places, today brings us the official reveal of Mortal Kombat X.

While targeted consoles haven’t been named, the tag to go along with the trailer states the sequel is “fueled by next-gen technology” to ”create an unprecedented Kombat experience” (To clear up any confusion, they meant to put “kreate”).

In a raw display of brutality and power between franchise poster-ninjas, Sub-Zero and Scorpion, the trailer shows off features heralded into 2011’s superb reboot including the bone-breaking X-Ray attacks.

More environmental destruction (a la Injustice) is seen, where opponents can be smashed about stages as well as break off pieces of a level, like a tree branch, and wielded as cudgels. Personal weapons — first introduced in MK4 — seemingly make a return.

Mortal Kombat X is slated for 2015. Say it with me now: IT HAS BEGUN.

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