Bethesda Gearing Up for Next Game; Skyrim DLC Comes to an End The...

Bethesda Gearing Up for Next Game; Skyrim DLC Comes to an End

The saga of Skyrim – the fifth and most successful entry into The Elder Scrolls series – is at its end.  After more than a year of supporting their fantasy RPG with updates and content (including a healthy dosage of story DLC), Bethesda is moving away from their “labor of love” and is ratcheting up production on a new, unannounced title.

In an open letter to fans on the Bethesda Blog, the studio revealed segments of their development team have been in pre-production on this project but now “that game is at the point where it requires the studio’s full attention to make it our biggest and best work yet.”

Despite its resounding financial and critical success, this next project is unlikely to be Skyrim’s follow up, given the team’s track record.  Instead, RPG fans may be plunged back into the Wasteland, if these rumors are to be taken at face value.  Be it Fallout 4 or, maybe just possibly, a brand new IP, the only sure bet is that we’ll be well into the next-generation of gaming before we once again get to feverishly dedicate a hundred-plus hours into Bethesda’s next immersive world.

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